The New Greengrocer Cookbook
Eat Fresh and Stay Healthy
The Vision

Joe Carcione had a vision for a health: that every man, woman and child would eat only ripe and nutritious fruits and vegetables, bursting with flavor and rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Joe devoted his energy to making this vision come to pass, and his son Pete Carcione has taken up the mantle. Pete's mission: to build upon his father's message by not only republishing his father's recipes, but by adding delightful recipes of his own.

Green SquashPete has reached out to today's cooks and chefs to find new and enticing ways to prepare time-honored fresh produce, and in this way, honor both his father's memory and his vision for a healthier world, and to add his own spice to a beloved book that changed the way we look at food.

Pete's vision: Use this book to "Eat Fresh and Stay Healthy!"


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